Sunday, 30 September 2012

Illustration Friday 


I gave myself a challenge  - Illustration Friday in 15 minutes. 

I imagined a little child - with all his life in front of him and placed him in a room full of the books he might read in his lifetime. 

Here he sits,  in the corner of that room. 

I wonder what sorts of books they are? 

What will he be when he's older?

What influence will these books have on the shaping on his life?

All those things entered my head whilst I was drawing - I guess I like to see the story unfolding. Do you do this when you paint or draw? 

I find that timing myself occasionally makes a really good exercise. It helps me to sort out what really needs to be on the page. 

I had the remains of a black coffee sitting on the table so I used that for the brown wash - my sketch book smells lovely!

To - do - list 

Yes  I have been making a to-do-list. Not one of my usual ones - Ironing, pay school trip money, cat food, haircut, etc. but one to help with my art career. So I thought I'd share it:

On going to - do - list

Find 3 new addresses for promo (2 publishers 1 gallery)
Draw in my sketch book
Updates on Facebook as needed

Contact at least two publishers (illustration ) and 1 gallery (fine art)
Add new work to Etsy
Update my  Website – if needed
Illustration Friday
One illustration (portfolio quality)
Look at freelance job listing sites

Press Release
Blog entry
Update portfolio

and now all I've got to do is stick to it....

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Catching Butterflies

I have been trying to be a little more disciplined. Tricky as that is, I have managed with some success, to paint on my two days off. I pretty much ignored the washing pile - (which would have made Edmund Hillary, hang up his climbing ropes). I took no notice of the washing up, I thought about cleaning the bathroom  - and then decided that it could wait. Instead I went to the local artshop and bought myself some watercolour paper large enough to start a double page spread illustration on. 

I worked on this for two to three days - and I'm happy with the results. It will be another piece for my portfolio - which is bulking out nicely now. 
I wanted to show potential publishers that I understood the limitations of designing a full spread illustration and take into account the positioning of the gutter, creating a scene which moves the readers eyes naturally  across the two pages from left to right.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Windy Day  - Update

As some of you may know I am working on a portfolio, focusing on the children's book market.
I have finished (finally) the painting I started a couple of posts ago - The Windy Day.
It has been rather slow progress - I am blaming this on the school holidays. The school holidays finish this week - boo! We have had such a lovely summer;  it hasn't left much time for painting - translate as.....   many pyjama mornings and fun days out with the kids - sshhh - dont tell anyone!

Anyway, sometime soon normal work had to commence so I  picked up my brushes and finished this painting. Thought you'd like to see.....